About us

The Directorate of Compulsory Reserves of Oil and Oil Derivatives (DCOR) was established by the Law on Compulsory Reserves of Oil and Oil Derivatives (“Official Gazette of Republic of Macedonia” no. 84/08, 35/11, 84/12, 43/14 and 83/18). The DCOR is a body of state administration who is solely competent and authorized for the formation, maintenance, storage and sale of compulsory reserves of oil and oil derivatives in the Republic of North Macedonia. DCOR for its work is responsible to the Government of the  Republic of North Macedonia.


The provision of funds for establishment, maintenance and renewal of the compulsory oil reserves, as well as the activities and work of the Directorate is governed by Articles 21-26 of the Law on Compulsory Reserves of Oil and Oil Derivatives.

Mission and vision

Mission: Establishing compulsory oil reserves at least up to the minimum quantities prescribed by law, their storage, renewal and their management.

Vision: Considering the importance of strengthening the security of supply of crude oil and oil derivatives, in order to avoid any interference in the operation of the internal market and in order to maintain a high level of security of supply of oil derivatives in the country, compulsory oil reserves should provide stability and security on the market, through reliable and transparent mechanisms which are in accordance with the principles of the internal market and competition and in accordance with EU Directives on oil reserves.