The provision of funds for establishment, maintenance and renewal of the compulsory oil reserves, as well as the activities and work of MACORA is governed by the Chapter V, Articles 31-33 of the Law on Compulsory Oil Reserves.

Compensation for compulsory oil reserves which is regulated by the Law and the Decree on the Manner of Determination, Calculation, Amount and Payment of Compensation for Compulsory Reserves of Oil and Oil Derivatives which is Payable on Import and/or Production of Oil Derivatives (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia “no. 138/09, 52/11 and 51/14) shall be paid to the:

  • Treasury account of the MACORA: 0900761441 787 18
  •  Sub-account 840-182-07085
  •  Revenue account: 718143
  •  Program 20
  •  Depositary of the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia.