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The Directorate of Compulsory Reserves of Oil and Oil Derivatives (DCOR) was established by the Law on Compulsory Reserves of Oil and Oil Derivatives (“Official Gazette of Republic of Macedonia” no. 84/08, 35/11, 84/12, 43/14 and 83/18). The DCOR is a body of state administration who is solely competent and authorized for the formation, maintenance, storage and sale of compulsory reserves of oil and oil derivatives in the Republic of North Macedonia. DCOR for its work is responsible to the Government of the  Republic of North Macedonia.

Compulsory  oil reserves are formed so that the Republic of North Macedonia can ensure a high level of safety and security in supply of crude oil and / or oil derivatives and providing the conditions for intervention supply of the market with oil and oil derivatives in the event of disruption of energy security of the country caused by larger scale disruptions in the supply of oil derivatives.

In order to harmonize the national legislation with the EU legislation in the segment of the security of supply, i.e. to comply with EU Directives imposing on Member States to maintain minimum stocks of crude oil and/or petroleum products, which is important assumption in the process of accession of the Republic of North Macedonia to the EU, theLaw on Compulsory Reserves of Oil and Oil Derivatives was addopted, which transposes the Decision 68/414 /EEC and Directives 73/238 / EEC and 2006/67 / EC. This Law was applied as of 2009 and it is expected to be in force until 31.12.2018.

Having regard that the EU Council in 2009 adopted a new Directive on oil reserves, Republic of North Macedonia again have made harmonization with the EU legislation with transposing Directive 2009/119 /EC in the new Law on Compulsory Oil Reserves( “Official Gazette of Republic of Macedonia” no. 144/14, 178/14,199/15 and 197/17). This law should start to apply as of 01.01.2019.

The formation, preservation, restoration and use of the compulsory oil reserves refers to one or more of the following products:

– crude oil;

– all types of motor and aviation fuels;

– all types of diesel fuel and kerosene;

– EL – household oil;

– LPG;

– Mazut.




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